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Pre-Removal Risk Assessment in Canada

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Need To Know

What is a Pre-Removal Risk Assessment in Canada?

Our Approach to Pre-Removal Risk Assessment

A Pre-Removal Risk Assessment (PRRA) is a paper-based protection claim available to individuals unable to make a refugee claim or those whose claim was decided over a year ago. Similar to Refugee Protection Division (RPD) considerations, it assesses factors to determine if the person faces risks in their home country.

Who can apply for a Pre-Removal Risk Assessment in Canada?

A PRRA, or Pre-Removal Risk Assessment, is a process in Canada designed to assess the risk that an individual might face if they are removed from the country. The Pre-Removal Risk Assessment is typically available to individuals who are subject to a removal order, including those who are facing deportation or have to leave Canada for other reasons. The purpose of the PRRA is to determine if the person would face serious risks, such as persecution, torture, risk to life, or risk of cruel and unusual treatment or punishment, upon returning to their home country.

Mistakes to avoid during the Pre-Removal Risk Assessment in Canada?

During the Pre-Removal Risk Assessment process, it is crucial to avoid certain mistakes that could jeopardize your claim. These include leaving Canada, engaging in criminal behavior, violating any permits you may hold, submitting inaccurate or misleading information, and missing deadlines. Such errors can have serious consequences on the success of your Pre-Removal Risk Assessment process, so it is essential to remain vigilant and adhere to all requirements to ensure a smooth process, if you are looking for proper guidance, it is suggested to take help from Canadian immigration lawyers who can smooth the process and make it easy for you.

Can you appeal a negative Pre-Removal Risk Assessment decision?

You have the authority to seek a Judicial Review of your Pre-Removal Risk Assessment (PRRA) outcome. This involves presenting your case before a Federal Court of Canada judge, who will scrutinize the decision for any procedural errors. The aim is to assess whether the was conducted fairly and accurately. This legal avenue allows for a comprehensive review of the decision-making process, providing an opportunity to address any perceived mistakes or injustices. Pursuing a Judicial Review is a crucial step in ensuring transparency and accountability in the PRRA process.

What happens if your Pre-Removal Risk Assessment is accepted?

Upon a successful application for a Pre-Removal Risk Assessment, you will have the chance to obtain permanent residency in Canada as a protected person. This distinguished status is comparable to that of an individual who has been granted refugee status, offering long-term stability and rights within the country. Achieving protected person status signifies official recognition of the risks you face in your country of origin and the need for ongoing protection in Canada, ensuring a secure and lasting Canadian immigration status.

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