Citizenship Resumption


Citizenship Resumption In Canada

Have you previously held Canadian citizenship, and are you interested in reinstating your Canadian citizenship status? ACE Associates is here to assist you in the process.

Need To Know

What is Citizenship Resumption?

Guidelines for Canadian Citizenship Resumption

The procedure known as “Canadian Citizenship Resumption” enables former citizens of Canada who have lost or renounced their citizenship to obtain it back. This process is available to individuals who have voluntarily renounced their citizenship or had it revoked, provided they meet certain conditions set by the Canadian government.

Our Perspective

Benefits of Resuming Canadian Citizenship

Regaining citizenship entails getting back the ability to apply for a Canadian passport, live and work permanently in Canada, and cast a vote in Canadian elections. It also entails being able to provide citizenship to your children who were born outside of Canada, as well as access to social services and healthcare provided by Canada.

Eligibility for Resumption of Canadian Citizenship

Individuals seeking Canadian Citizenship Resumption must fulfill certain eligibility criteria. Firstly, applicants must have held Canadian citizenship at some point in the past. Additionally, they should have voluntarily renounced their citizenship or had it revoked. Applicants must not be subject to any prohibitions outlined in the Citizenship Act. Furthermore, compliance with any other conditions specified by the Citizenship Act is essential for a successful application. These criteria collectively ensure that individuals meet the necessary qualifications and adhere to the legal requirements for the resumption of Canadian citizenship.

Processing Charges and Duration for Resumption of Canadian Citizenship

The processing period for an application for resumption may differ in duration. It’s crucial to make sure your application meets the most recent standards by visiting the IRCC website for the most up-to-date details on processing timelines and expenses.

Supporting Documents for Resumption of Canadian Citizenship

When applying for immigration or citizenship in Canada, gather essential documents like proof of previous Canadian citizenship (birth certificate or citizenship certificate) and identification (passport or driver’s license). Include documents related to citizenship renunciation or revocation if applicable. Stay informed about additional requirements from IRCC, ensuring a smooth application process by submitting all necessary documentation.

The Role of Legal Assistance in Canadian Citizenship Resumption

If you’re trying to resume your citizenship, it can be tricky. Getting help from ACE Associates is important for a smooth experience. Citizenship immigration lawyers can give you good advice, help you gather all the needed documents, and make sure your application meets all the requirements, making the whole process easier for you.

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