Ministerial Relief Applications


Ministerial Relief Applications

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Need To Know

What is Ministerial Relief in Canada?

Guidance in Ministerial Relief Matters

Ministerial relief refers to a form of discretionary relief or assistance provided by government ministers or officials in certain situations. This could include relief from specific legal or regulatory requirements, exemptions, or special consideration in exceptional cases.

Applying for Ministerial Relief in Canada

How is a Ministerial relief application made in Canada?

To apply for Ministerial Relief (MR) in Canada, use the Application for a Declaration of Relief form (BSF766). Complete the form and submit it in English or French, indicating your preferred language for correspondence. The CBSA will draft its recommendation to the Minister in the chosen language.

Following the submission of an application for ministerial relief, what happens?

Once a Ministerial Relief (MR) application is received and deemed eligible by the CBSA MRU, it undergoes processing based on its year of receipt. The MRU reviews the application and written submissions, making a recommendation to the Minister on granting or denying relief. The CBSA’s recommendation is shared with the applicant before being sent to the Minister, allowing them to address concerns and submit additional information if desired.

What kind of information needs to be submitted by applicants?

The Ministerial Relief (MR) application form (BSF766) is designed to convey information relevant to the applicant’s case, aiding the Minister’s decision on relief from inadmissibility. While the form outlines key details, applicants can submit additional information not limited to specific types. The goal is to convince the Minister that granting relief aligns with the national interest. The provided examples serve as a guide, not mandatory requirements, as each case is evaluated individually based on its merits.

How long does the Minister take to decide on ministerial relief?

Ministerial Relief, a non-delegable decision by the Minister, involves an extensive review of substantial information, a comprehensive assessment of various factors, and input from relevant partners. Due to its complexity, predicting an exact timeline for the Minister’s decision is not feasible.

After a Ministerial relief decision, what happens to the applicant's status?

IRPA status is not assured by a relief declaration. Inadmissibility endures if the Minister rejects relief. If the Minister grants relief, the inadmissibility obstacle is lifted, permitting the visa or regularization of status through IRCC, provided that no further inadmissibility arises.

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